A New Adventure Begins

Like everyone, Covid has impacted upon my adventuring. I have not been able to get to the water or the hills and have missed that. But that has not stopped the dreaming or the planning. Take the Slow Road Scotland by Martin Dorey and Wild Guide Scotland have both been hugely inspirational. Highlighting secret gems and helping me day dream.

So, with those in mind, we have started converting Mabel from being a van into a camper or day van. Now, I am the first to admit that Ian has done most of the work, not me. I will get him to write about the process of converting it. My focus has been on the cabin and creating a tiny functional home in there (there will be a post coming about that too!).

After we both spent a ridiculous amount of hours researching work begin. He started by stripping it right back and cleaning it. Then he has sound deadened, insulated, opened up the space and more. The bed is on order and the kitchen implements bought (that was my job 🙂 ) and now we are ready to plan.

So, what am I planning?

To start, a month of escape and van life! I will be going a solo trip in it. I love a wee solo trip away once a year or so. The freedom to live life at my own pace, eating, sleeping and not worrying about anyone else is a treat.

So, where am I off to?

I have literally no idea. I plan to stay in Scotland and away from the tourist areas. I want to wild camp as much as possible. I shall go wherever the wind blows me. And I shall hit up some of the suggestions in those books!

Then, after a week or 2, I shall come home and collect Ian before we set off again. He has a few ideas where he would like to go, again, keeping off the beaten track and living life at a slow pace.

So, what hidden gems in mainland Scotland would you suggest visiting? We have completed the NC500 and, well, want to stay off the beaten tracks. So share your ideas!

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