About Me

Hi! I am Carol. Business owner, ex teacher, outdoor enthusiast, bookworm.

The enthusiast part there is important. As you youngster I would ski, canoe and spend time outdoors as a child and then life got in the way. But as life took over I become more enthusiastic about the outdoors and less of a participant.

I entered my 30s rather unfit, unhealthy and quickly turning into a couch potato. I was in a rut and it was time to get out. I left my job, started a new business or two and really started pushing myself. Initially, I would stress and worry, I still suffer anxiety.

But over the last couple of years, I have worked to change that. Now, my aim is to take the chances, the opportunities and follow the whims. 

This blog will follow what happens, where I go and what I do. It’ll track the adventures, hopefully I shall achieve 52 by the end of the year! It will hold me accountable and keep me moving forward.

I cannot wait to see what delights this year will hold!

Feel free to drop me a message and share your stories with me,


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